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Dagupan City: from the Philippines’ Bangus Capital to a Major IT-BPM Player

Dagupan, long regarded as the Philippines’ leading aquaculture industry and the prime producer and exporter of the popular milkfish, is on its way to establishing itself as a major player in another sector: the IT-BPM (business process management) industry. Several factors contribute to the steady development that is leading towards this inevitable launch: the City’s strategic location in Northern Luzon; the hubs of trade it has cultivated for decades especially since the expansion of local government support in 1968; the presence of prestigious educational institutions; and an abundant pool of talent recognized for their skills, solid work ethic, resilience, and capacity to adapt to the most challenging work environments. Investors and multinationals from other countries, many of whom have set up shop in the archipelago, have begun to set their sights on Dagupan City as a preferred destination of the offices they will set up in the next few years.

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“Our hosting of the 1st Dagupan City ICT-BPM Conference with Industry Executives marks a new beginning, a new dedication within our city government, and a new spirit for our people.

Our advance into the Next Wave Cities this year has all the more firmed up our resolve to mobilize Dagupan’s broad base of stakeholders to showcase our city as the next frontier in terms of investment destinations among domestic and global ICT firms that have made the Philippines their ASEAN hub.”

- Mayor Belen Fernandez

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