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Mission and Vision

The Vision and Mission Statement for Dagupan City serves as the battle cry for all Dagupeños as they reach the ideal scenario upon which all major plans and programs are anchored. The new vision and mission statement of the city were developed by the participants of the Consultation-Workshop and Comprehensive Development Planning conducted by the City last September 18, 2013 and it states that:


“We, the People of Dagupan, envision our city as a globally-competitive business, education, health and convention center of the North with God-loving, empowered, unified and resilient citizenry of unique culture that lives in a sustainable environment anchored on robust and sound economy governed by transparent and accountable leadership that values democracy and equality for all.”


“We are committed to promote discipline and excellence, cultivate civic pride, upscale glo-cal investments and entrepreneurship, guarantee relevant social and environmental developments sustained by the City Government’s quality management and fiscal systems through participatory, open and responsible governance.”


Vision/ Mission Elements, Descriptors, and Success Indicators

 The vision statement pictures the desired qualities of the city in terms of five major elements namely, the quality of the people as individuals and as a society, the nature of the local economy, the state of the natural environment, the condition of the built environment and the capability of the local leadership.

1. General Goal of the Citizenry

 The general goal of Dagupan citizens is to be globally-competitive in all aspects of development. This entails the regaining of its first class status and upgrading government systems, infrastructure, social and economic services at par with global standards.

2. Quality of the people as individuals

a. Dagupan residents are Happy. This trait is said to have been attained if the townspeople feel a sense of wellness on the different aspects of their lives—financially, emotionally, psychologically and physically. This is also said to be attained if people, despite various life’s crises still manage to compose themselves and stand-up to adversities. Similarly, this quality can be attained if people are disciplined, and cultivate excellence in all aspects of their lives and so with being gender sensitive. Being disciplined would imply being law-abiding having a low number of cases for the Lupong Tagapamayapa (Barangay Courts). Further, it preserves individual integrity even if there is no presence of government officials to oversee his/her actions. Excellence would imply doing his/her best even in the simplest responsibility given him/her in any given place and time. Likewise, this would entail practicing mastery in responsibilities and where the attitude “pwede na yan” is not acceptable. Cultivating civic pride is also part of this trait and it would imply being able to share the inherent culture of the citizenry through diverse avenues including music, arts, sciences and even governance. This trait also include being gender-sensitive which would indicate being responsive to the needs of both men and women in society. The city being gender sensitive would also mean being child-friendly and would connote no cases of child abuse or labor and minimal number of out-of-school youth.

3. Qualities of the people as society

a. Dagupan citizenry is God-loving. This is said to have been achieved when people always consider their faith when it comes to making decisions in all aspect of their lives. Likewise, this is said to be achieved when people, despite various crisis in their lives always glance upon hope and still share a smile and prayer for others.

b. Dagupan residents are unified. This is attained when public consultation has been made an integral part of the decision-making process and that non-government organizations including people’s organizations, regularly participate in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of government programs and projects. Likewise, there is vigorous advocacy for public interest issues such as human rights, social justice, consumer protection, gender equality, environmental concerns and the like. Further, this is attained when people always have the clamour for change for the better in various instances and concerns particularly in matters where public funds and services are involved. In this case, graft and corruption are pre-empted and prevented.

c. Dagupeños are This is attained when people are transformed into a disaster-prepared citizenry where the government, private sector and civil society resources are immediately mobilized in time of crisis/emergency. Further, people are able to stand again and cope from every calamity and adapt to the new environment they live in. Survival is part of this quality.

d. Dagupan residents have unique culture. This is reflected in the rich culture and tradition of Dagupeños which include the distinctive method of putting up fish ponds as well as harvesting it. This unique culture in the City molded the modern economy, spatial utilization and the physical resources of the city.

4. Nature of the local economy

Dagupan City’s economy is envisioned to be robust and sound. This can be attained first of all through the creation of an economic climate that will encourage inflow of investments. Second, because Dagupan wants to be known not only nationally but also worldwide as the Bangus Capital of the World, the city government must establish a competitive and environmentally sustainable bangus industry. Third, in maintaining its dominance as the region’s center for distribution of goods and services Dagupan City shall diversify its economy to increase its level of competitiveness.  Likewise, the city should also continue to extend assistance to the small and medium entrepreneurs that thrive in it to help them grow and eventually upscale. And lastly, Dagupan City must develop its tourism potential and establish itself as an alternative tourist destination in the north.

a. To be robust, Dagupan City must modernize its agricultural sector through the application of mature and appropriate technologies in the production and post production phases especially for bangus production. It must push for the increase of export receipts by developing globally competitive products and processes. This includes branding the famed Dagupan Bangus to protect its position in the global market. It must also regain its prominence as the region’s distribution center through the increase of warehousing and handling capacity, provision of sites for strategic locators especially regional and sub-regional offices of national and transnational corporations, and increased skills of Dagupeños to meet the labor and management demands of investors.

b. Dagupan’s economy must be While it seeks to establish dominance in its “specialty” areas of education (formal), health services, and in trade and services, it should also strike a balance to its non-specialty areas. It must be able to be in harmony with the use of modern technologies and strategies. It must be able to provide non-traditional education and special training demanded by business establishments in the 21st century. But a highly specialized economy is vulnerable to the vagaries of the market. Hence, it must exploit its strengths and natural advantages such as aquaculture, water-related recreation and eco-tourism. At the very least, Dagupan must strive to attain a certain degree of self-sufficiency in other food commodities such as fruits and vegetables and meat products.

5. State of the natural environment

a. Dagupan’s environment is Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking actions that are in the interests of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life. It is an important topic at the present time, as people are realising the full impact that businesses and individuals can have on the environment. In order to have a sustainable environment, Dagupeños must have the ability to harmonize technological advancements with the natural landscape such as imploring environment-friendly technology or “green technologies” in its economic and investment strata. Another issue that affects environmental sustainability is waste management. One of the unpleasant realities that city dwellers face is pollution. Pollution, in its different forms, be it solid waste, effluent, or air pollution; whether toxic or hazardous; or coming from households, industries or institutions; degrades our lives. Desiring to avoid this scenario, Dagupan residents envision living in an environment that is clean and safe. A clean environment would translate to a city where all types of wastes are properly disposed of, and where air and water quality is way above the standard of acceptability. Moreover, Dagupeños desire to live in an attractive city. Toward this end they intend to have high density of greens even within the urban core/development clusters, by growing flower-bearing trees along the city entrances, highways and even smaller roads. The city will also become more attractive without illegal settlements encroaching on environmentally-critical areas. As with most urbanizing areas, residents will attest to the rapid degradation of their environment. Dagupan is no exception. The general status of the natural environment has obviously worsened. Because of this realization, Dagupan residents envision their natural environment to be restored, developing its natural resources in its full potential.

6. Condition of the built environment

a. Respecting a balanced relationship between the built and the unbuilt environments will fulfill the right of every Dagupeño to a clean, green and healthy place to live in. This condition is said to have been attained when the built environment is integrated into the city’s unbuilt space consisting of parks and open spaces, rivers, creeks and swamps, fishponds and croplands, beach and coastal areas or more so guaranteeing social and environmental developments. When productive sources of food such as fishponds and croplands are delineated and protected and when standards on open space requirements such as those pertaining to subdivision development, housing, road and river easements, salvage zones, and utility lines/facilities among others are strictly complied with, every Dagupeño will have been brought several steps closer to their desired condition of the built environment.

b. Creating a planned and orderly community supported by adequate and appropriate transport and infrastructure will enable every Dagupeño to hurdle life’s daily rigors between workplace, home and recreation in a relaxed and effortless manner. A fundamental requirement to attain this desired condition is to identify and develop suitable areas for urban expansion in the form of mixed-use growth nodes. Other success indicators include:

  • Increased efficiency of the circulation network with new roads and bridges constructed, existing ones rehabilitated, the public transport system rationalized, and decentralized multi-modal transport terminals provided;
  • Improved mobility of pedestrians through the provision of pedestrian-oriented facilities such as overpasses, arcaded sidewalks, waiting sheds, etc.;
  • Improved quality and quantity, and increased affordability of water supply, power supply, telecommunications and internet services; and
  • Adequate and effective drainage, sewerage and flood control systems.

c. Taking into consideration the natural limits and constraints inherent to the land resource of the city, a desired condition of the built environment is the development of safe forms and settlement patterns away from identified environmentally critical areas and resource reserves such as wetlands and swamps and other critical areas. As for existing built-up areas, appropriate measures will be adopted to reduce building vulnerability, hazard, climate change and social risks.

d. An improved and enhanced image and attractiveness of the city will always remain as one of every Dagupeño’s desires. This condition is said to have been attained when urban blight is considerably reduced, when the greenery becomes a dominant feature of the city, when sidewalks are continuous and integrated with parks and open spaces, when rivers and creeks are cleared and cleaned and become part of the network of parks and open spaces and when buildings which serve as landmarks of the city such as the city hall, the public market, the cathedral, the fish trading complex, the civic center are transformed anew and given a distinct architectural character.

7. Capability of the local leadership

The people of Dagupan City desire to have local leaders who are transparent, accountable and values democracy and equality.  These desired qualities of local governance are anchored on shared values committed to promoting the public interest. This means that local leaders whether from the City Government of Dagupan, the non-government organizations or people’s organizations are determined to put the interest or welfare of the people above their selfish interests. In concrete terms, the people of Dagupan City would like to experience the following effects of this type of local governance:

a. Strict enforcement of laws

Laws are rules of conduct established and enforced by authorities supported by the people. Through a process of decentralization, the City Government of Dagupan is the local government structure instituted by the State to perform functions and responsibilities as well as exercise powers and authority at their mandated territorial and political jurisdiction.  This entails an unwavering commitment to enforce laws at all times and at all costs.

b. Morally upright and competent Government Officials

Dagupan City is not spared of the public perception that graft and corrupt practices are prevalent. Negative public perception adversely affects the local bureaucracy in terms of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in their performance of functions or delivery of services.  To dispel their negative image,  the City Government needs to have morally upright and competent civil servants who are committed to put public interest at the forefront at all times.

c. Self-reliant LGU, less dependent on IRA

The local government units are empowered to become self-reliant communities and to act as effective partners in the attainment of national goals. The City Government of Dagupan has the capacity to maximize its income through progressive means that are practical and equitable and thus reduce the city’s reliance on the national government.

d. Financially-stable City Government

Apart from maintaining financial stability through a sustained positive balance in its financial statement, the City Government must also adopt a progressive fiscal policy.  This means that it should not simply be active in acquiring more assets and maintaining a good cash position from increased local revenues but also taking progressive steps in applying other options, enjoining private participation or partnerships in order to achieve bigger goals and objectives.

e. Effective, efficient and responsive City Government

The people of Dagupan City hope to have an effective, efficient and responsive City Government. Effectiveness means that the City Government is able to deliver appropriate services if and when needed.  Efficiency relates to the economy in time and cost in delivering public services. Responsiveness refers to the relevance and timeliness of the local government’s response to problems as they arise.

f. Strengthened local government capability

The City Government of Dagupan is a capable local government institution. However, there are some areas of local governance that need to be strengthened such as the technical capability of its human resources and system capability of its organizational structures.

g. Disaster-prepared LGU and citizenry

Dagupan City is known to be located in an environmentally critical area.  However, the occurrence, frequency and magnitude of natural disasters are unpredictable more so with the growing magnitude of the city’s vulnerability to climate change. Therefore, it is imperative for the City Government and citizenry of Dagupan to be prepared at all times.

h. Strengthened LGU-NGO/PO linkage

The Non-Governmental Organizations and Peoples’ Organizations are recognized as active partners of the City Government of Dagupan in the pursuit of local autonomy and good governance. A strengthened LGU-NGO/PO linkage would help Dagupan City to effectively and efficiently deliver services, develop programs and projects, improve local productivity and income, spur urban development, promote ecological balance, and enhance the economic and social-well being of the people.

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