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A Proud Dagupeña is Asia’s Female Chef 2023!

“I’m envisioning a future free from bigotry and prejudice where young women are free to be their own person and have equal access to opportunities for advancement”, Johanne Siy answered this when asked about what kind of world she aspires for young women.
As I listened to her explain this on Youtube (which was posted 5 days ago), I also thought about my dreams and aspirations for our young women because I’ve always been a believer that women can do great things; they are strong enablers of hope, and positive change. Ms. Johanne is that perfect example.
Even though she achieved (in the world stage) what most of us couldn’t begin to imagine, she would always find a way to bring back to her beloved Dagupan City. In fact, she loves to call Dagupan her hometown, and that makes us even prouder of our heritage.
When she was 41 years old, she worked as a regional brand manager at Procter & Gamble before getting involved in the culinary world in 2011. Years later, she went on to cook in some of the most famous restaurants in the United States, Scandinavia, and finally, Singapore, where she thrives as the head chef of Lolla in Ann Siang Hill.
This March 28, while still ahead of the reveal of the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, our Dagupeña talent is named as Asia’s Best Female Chef 2023, making her the first-ever Singapore-based chef to win the title, and the second Filipino to take home the award, preceded only by culinary icon chef Margarita Forés in 2016.
It’s a very inspirational story, isn’t it? But please remember that things don’t just happen, because our life’s goals must not be based on luck, but it should be heavily based on hardwork and our natural ability to create that luck, despite all the obstacles that we face.
To all my beloved Dagupeñas: I believe that if Ms. Johanne Siy can do it, then YOU CAN DO IT! 💪

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