DAGUPAN CITY – A three-time winner in the fastest Bangus Classifier event in the Bangus Rodeo won his fourth championship trophy in the 2018 Bangus Festival Rodeo held in front of the city museum on April 12.

Melecio Melendez of Bonuan Gueset clinched this year’s championship trophy for being the fastest bangus classifier after sorting one and a half “banyera” of bangus into small, medium and large in one minute and 58 seconds.

Melendez’ fastest record was in 2014 when he finished classifying bangus in one minute and 34.69 seconds. He won the same event again the following year and won his third in 2017 by clocking two minutes and seven seconds and two minutes and 40.37 seconds, respectively.

He went home with P5,000 and a medal as his prize while Fernando Doria and Allan Doria, both from Salapingao went home with P3,000 and a medal and P2,000 and a medal,  respectively.

Non-winning contestants received P500 as their consolation prizes.

Joel Serran, last year’s winner in the Fastest Bangus Eater event, recorded the fastest time this year by consuming two pieces of grilled bangus in 45.17 seconds but failed to win the championship because of demerits.

Contestants were required to finish with the least flesh left in the bones and spines of the bangus or consume at least 90 percent of the flesh of the bangus to win the event.

Serran failed to follow the guidelines by leaving more flesh in the bones and spines of the bangus served on him.

Due to the demerits, Serran lost the championship to Jaime Bucao Jr. who consumed the two pieces of bangus in one minute and 33.50 seconds without demerit.

Bucao received a medal and a cash prize of P5,000 for winning the event while Serran landed in the second place and won a medal and a cash prize of P3,000.

Third place was Joseph Bandera with P2,000 and a medal as his prize.

Fastest Bangus Deboner was Huv Amador Tendenilla, two time champion in this event. His final time recorded was one minute and 57.92 seconds. This is his fastest record compared to his previous winning records in 2014 and 2017.

Tendenilla won P5,000 and a medal.

Second and third place winners were Herman Tana and Joemarie Paryaoan who both won P3,000 and P2,000 with medals respectively.

This year’s heaviest bangus award with P15,000 and a trophy as a reward went to Wilsorick C. Felix of Barangay Lucao whose entry weighed 5.55 kilos.  The second and third place went to brothers Sandrel and Kevin Angelo Caneng of Barangay Pantal winning P10,000 and P5,000 with trophy respectively.

Sandrel was second place last year while Kevin Angelo was third place in 2016 and 2017.

The longest bangus award went to Karl Laurence Sicat of Barangay Lucao whose entry measured 83 centimeters long.

Eji Caneng Maramba was second while defending champion Blas Gabriel F. Caneng placed third this year.

The longest bangus ever recorded for the last five years measured 87.5 centimeters.

Winners received P15,000; P10,000; and P5,000 plus trophies respectively.

The crown for the prettiest bangus was awarded to Bhea Frias while the second and third place went to brothers Alvin and Armand Caguioa. The winners are all from barangay Caranglaan.

Alvin won the event in 2016 and placed second in 2014.

The selection of the prettiest bangus was based on the following standards by having a clear and well-rounded eyes; scales are fine, smooth and orderly; head is small and beautifully crafted; stomach is bulging; grills are red and fresh; tail ideally are not of equal length and the lower fin is shorter; flesh is firm yet soft; odor is pleasant and alluring; and the bangus weight is not less than half a kilo and not more than one kilo.

The winners received P7,000; P5,000; P3,000 and trophies respectively.

The event chair was 2018 Bangus Festival Executive Chairman Marcelino DS Fernandez assisted by the City Agriculture Office with Feedmix as sponsor. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/April 12, 2018)