Sen. Villar, solons join Dagupan Women’s March

DAGUPAN CITY –Senator Cynthia Villar, Congressman Christopher De Venecia, Congresswoman Geraldine Roman, and Cagayan Board Member Perla Tumaliuan joined Mayor Belen Fernandez and Committee on Women, Children and Family Affairs chairman Councilor Maybelyn Dela Cruz Fernandez during the first-ever Women’s March in the city on March 23.

These officials were the keynote speakers in the program held before  the march, which was the brainchild of Councilor Fernandez.

The event with the theme “W.E. Make Change Work for Women” promoted showcased  empowerment and was held in line with the commemoration of National Women’s Month and International Women’s Day.

“For the longest time, a lot of groups deprive women from our rights. But I think it’s about time that we stand up for ourselves,” Councilor Fernandez said. “Our mayor is very supportive of all our programs for our women here in the city.”

Mayor Fernandez acknowledged the important role that women play alongside men in building the city.

“In 2018, we declared this year as Dagupan’s year of families. This declaration highlights the invaluable role of all members of the family—women included—in ensuring the happiness, success, and prosperity of our communities,” The mayor said. “We have forged incredible partnership and engagement equally with women as with men, and all other sectors.”

At least 1,700 Dagupenos attended the program and marched to thr Pantal Bridge, where a lighting ceremony was held.

“This is a very big day for us. We lighted the Pantal Bridge, and we want to put this in the history of Dagupan because our women, our mothers are the lights of our homes,” Mayor Fernandez added.

The event signaled the beginning of Bangus Festival 2018 in the city as well.


Meanwhile, Senator Villar expressed her interest in putting up an aquaculture farm school in the city.

“I am encouraging her (Mayor Fernandez) to build a farm school so we can teach our fishermen on how to do it well, and she is very interested,” Villar said. “I will ask BFAR to help you train your farmers.”

“Many are not yet aware that women are considered as the dominant force in agriculture,”she said. (Zarena Amado/CIO)