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Venue for Payment for Special Activities Requiring Mayor’s Permit


  1. Motorcade
  2. Parade/Procession
  3. Installation of Streamers/Tarpaulins
  4. Concert/Live Shows
  5. Group Assembly/Rally
  6. Use of LG-owned facility/structure
  7. Dagupan City Astrodome (rental)
  8. Mayor’s Pavilion (rental)


How to avail of the services




Submit letter of request at the City Mayor’s Office for reservation/ recording/approval or if applicable, Accomplish request form available at the information desk of the OSBC.

CMO Personnel:
Ms. Adelaida Bangsal

OSBC Personnel:
Ms. Katrina Abenoja
Ms. Crisalyn Antipolo

5 minutes

Submit approved request and endorsement from City Mayor’s Office and other concerned offices to the OSBC information desk for assistance on applicable procedure.

Ms. Katrina Abenoja
Ms. Crisalyn Antipolo

5-10 minutes


Ms. Brenda Clores
Ms. Cecilia Diaz

5 minutes

Secure permit

Same personnel manning
the info desk

5 minutes

Additional requirement for:

Specify size and number of pieces (for computation of fee).
Please bring actual Streamers/Banners/Tarpaulins when applying for Permit.

Concert/Live Show:
A. Pre-registration of admission tickets to the City Treasurer.
B. Verification of sold tickets for amusement tax computation by assigned CTO personnel.

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