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Calendar of Activities

New Year’s Day: January 1 (Tuesday)
Chinese New Year: February 5 (Tuesday)
Edsa Revolution: February 25 (Monday)
Pangasinan Day: April 5 (Friday)
Araw ng Kagitingan: April 9 (Tuesday)
Bangus Festival: April 1-30
Pista’y Dayat/Labor Day: May 1 (Wednesday)
Independence Day: June 12 (Wednesday)
Agew na Dagupan: June 20 (Thursday)
Ninoy Aquino Day: August 21 (Wednesday)
National Heroes’ Day: August 29 (Thursday)
All Saints’ Day: November 1 (Friday)
Speaker Eugenio Perez Day: November 13 (Wednesday)
Bonifacio Day: November 30 (Saturday)
Christmas Day: December 25 (Wednesday)
City Fiesta: December 26 (Thursday)
Rizal Day: December 30 (Monday)



Bacayao Norte April 23-24 Lucao December 25
Bacayao Sur April 21-22 Malued April (Last Week)
Barangay I May 22-23 Mamalingling December 29-30
Barangay II & III May Manguin April 18-19
Barangay IV May Mayombo October (3rd Week)
Bolosan May 21-25 Pantal May (4th Week)
Bonuan Binloc May 7 Poblacion Oeste May 25
Bonuan Boquig March 23-24 Pogo Chico March (3rd Week)
Bonuan Gueset By Sitio Pogo Grande May 16-17
Calmay April 9 Pugaro Suit May 25-26
Carael April 25-26 Salapingao March (Last Week)
Caranglaan May 7-8 Salisay May 8-9
Herrero-Perez May 26-29 Tambac April (2nd Week)
Lasip Chico May 6-8 Tapuac December 2-4
Lasip Grande May 1-5 Tebeng May 9-10
Lomboy May 9-10    
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