EO No. Date Approved Description
09 July 25, 2019 An order organizing and institutionalizing the Dagupan City Universal Health Care Project Management Team, appointing members thereof, Specifying Its duties and functions and for other purposes,
08 July 25, 2019 Order reconstituting the Local Health Board (LHB) of the city of Dagupan,
07 July 25, 2019 An Executive Order reconstituting the Local School Board (LSB) of the city of Dagupan,
06 August 13, 2019 An order reconstituting the composition of the City Local Council for the Protection f Children (CLCPC), provided further the incorporation of the early childhood care development mandates to localize the National Strategic Framework for plan development for children,
05 July 24, 2019 An order creating and organizing the Local Zoning Board of Appeals (LZBA) for the purpose of implementing Ordinance No. 2061-2016 otherwise known as the comprehensive zoning ordinance of Dagupan city, Wednesday,
04 July 24, 2019 An order reorganizing the city Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council of the city of Dagupan, Identifying Its members, Their duties and functions and other purposes,
03 July 24, 2019 Executive Order reorganizing the composition of the Bids and Awards Commitee (BAC) and the Secretariat(BAC-Secretariat), Wednesday,
02 July 17, 2019 Order Reconstituting the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) in the city of Dagupan
2-A July 17, 2019 Addendum to Executive Order No. 2 Reconstituting the Dagupan city Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB), specifying the members therien,
01 July 17, 2019 Declaring the Preemptive Suspension of Classes In All Day Care, Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary Levels, Wednesday, July 17, 2019