DAGUPAN CITY – The 2nd Children Summit is en route to making another history as it kicked off its activities in training and enhancing the talents in music of more or less 23,000 students from various public and private schools in the city on February 27 till March 1 at the CSI Stadia, anchored on the theme “Musika Laban sa Droga”.

At the end of their training, the students will compete with each other in the different competitions, all pertaining to music.

The Children Summit is the city’s highest affirmation and continuing expression of affection and care for the children of Dagupan, said Mayor Belen Fernandez, during the summit’s opening program.

“Whenever we speak of children, I always recall that my journey as a public servant is equally as long as our commitment to serve our children,” said Mayor Belen T. Fernandez who started helping the children even before she began her political career.

With this program, Fernandez aims to make Dagupan the home of happiest children in the country.

“We never stopped building infrastructures, building  programs for our children including youth services because we want them all to feel that our city wants them to be happy, healthy, successful and fulfilled,” said Fernandez.

She admitted though that it is enough to build roads, bridges, schools and facilities for the children, “we need to help them build their confidence, their talents, hopes and dreams,” added Fernandez.

Fernandez called on everyone to join hands together in support of the children as she believes that their (children’s) rights and welfare cannot be achieved if people are divided.

On the other hand, Dr. Raul M. Sunico, president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the keynote speaker of the summit, lauded both the city government and the Department of Education in the city for coming together as one in recognizing the importance of music in everyone’s life.

“It is heartening to note that the city government and the DepEd have recognized the importance of music as a way of life. Music is important in instilling discipline in us. It helps us develop our creativity, sense of camaraderie. It keeps our seniors mentally and physicaly active as well because music inspires you and makes you romantic,” said Sunico as he expressed hopes that the summit will produce and discover new talents in the field of music. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Feb. 27, 2017)