DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez outlined her many programs and projects in store for Dagupan for 2017 in a talk to the city government employees at the city plaza on January 3,  the first working day of the year.


“I am in a high spirit that we will be able to fulfill these projects this year and none of those who are trying to pull us back can prevent us from doing this. Together, we will make history,” Fernandez said amid rumors spread in the social media of a supposed  bomb threat and shooting incident in the city, which both turned out to be false.


Fernandez admitted that the facebook post was a false alarm “But still we cannot take this for granted. At ang masama ay yong kumakalat na marami ang namatay. Sana yong mga detractors natin at ang mga misleading information na ito ay iwasan natin. Kasi if you are a true Dagupeño, you must know that what you are doing is, you are destroying your own city,” she said.


“Dagupan is normally peaceful. There are only two or three people who are not happy with what we are doing and what we have done for our city,” Fernandez said.


Fernandez encouraged city hall employees to work in tandem with her for the city to win another Seal of Good Local Governance.


She went to thank everyone, especially the support that the Paseo de Belen got from the spectators who flocked the area and have their pictures taken with the different nativity scenes as their background.


“The Paseo de Belen will be back next year with more participants and more exciting surprises for everyone to enjoy. Our carnival will also be back with more rides for everyone to try,” said Fernandez.


The Paseo de Belen will culminate today but the carnival will stay until January 6.


Fernandez is also excited in preparing the city for its 70th year on June 20 and expressed hope that this early she will already conduct meetings with the different departments on the different activities that will unfold this year.


“It’s a coincidence that when I was still a councilor, I was tasked to spearhead the city’s 50thAnniversary and as the city celebrates its platinum year I am here to spearhead the preparations again and this time as your city mayor. It is truly a blessing on my part to lead the two important occasions in the history of the city,” Fernandez said. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Jan. 3, 2017)