LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE FOR FARMERS – At least six farmers associations in the city receive farm implements for farm mechanization under Bottom Up Budgeting on livelihood assistance for farmers on March 29 in a simple ceremony held in Barangay Mangin while they and the other farmers are undergoing a six- week training on fast crop farming technology. The distribution was led by Mayor Belen T. Fernandez. (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)



DAGUPAN CITY – Almost 100 local farmers in the city underwent a six- week training on fast crop farming, a new technology used in Taiwan, under the “Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan” Farmers Training Program of SM Foundation, in partnership with the city of Dagupan.


The free training was facilitated by the Harbest Agribusiness Corporation (HAC)  aimed at helping the farmers earn income in just a month.


The six-week training included lectures on seed sowing and planting,  from seed growing to harvesting, under the guidance of HAC personnel.


After that,  harvest festival is set on May 15 where farmers will already harvest their “pinakbet” vegetables, honeydew, varieties of watermelon, “patola”, “kalabasa”, “upo” and “ampalaya” including Chinese “kangkong” which can be harvested just after 15 days from planting.


The participants are mostly members of the 4Ps and the different farmer’s organization in the city like the Malued-Lucao Farmers Association, Tebeng Farmers Association, Bonuan Boquig Farmers Association, Matalunggaring Mangin Irrigators Association, Mauksoy Salisay Irrigators Association and Bacayao Sur Mango and Guapple Growers Association.


In addition to helping the farmers improve their life, Mayor Belen T. Fernandez is sending one of every farmer’s children to college under the city’s scholarship program, which grants each scholar a minimum of P10,000 financial aid per semester until he or she  graduates.


At the same time, the  City Agriculture Office released farm implements to the farmers under the Bottom Up Budgeting on livelihood assistance for farmers on March 29.


The farm implements include 66 knapsack sprayers, two hand tractors, two power tillers and one rice reaper.


The distribution was spearheaded by Mayor Fernandez and City Agriculture Officer Emma J. Molina  in Barangay Mangin. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/March 30, 2017)