DAGUPAN CITY – Kara David-Cancio, host of GMA 7’s “i-Witness”, lauded the city government and the Department of Education Dagupan City Schools Division for holding a summit on journalism for school children on January 29-31 at CSI Stadia.

David-Cancio, along with Mariz Umali-Tima, also of GMA network, was among the speakers in the three-day summit.

David-Cancio said that conducting a summit on journalism involving the youth as aspiring journalists is good because it encourages them to write more and become more aware of what is going on in their environment and become updated on current events.

“This media literacy program is a good avenue to educate our aspiring journalists lalo na ngayong panahon kung saan napakabilis na ng mundo ng teknolohiya at ng social media.  Ang daming puwedeng abuses na puwedeng gawin but with media literacy and with journalism courses being taught at a younger age maraming tayong ma-eeducate. When they do become journalists in the future their heart is in the right place hindi pang-aabuso ang nasa isip nila,” said David-Cancio.

David-Cancio added that the only way to combat fake news is to teach the youth the right way of giving or delivering the news.

“While we can say that malaking tulong ang social media these days, it’s a bane for me because of fake news,” said David-Cancio.

While journalism is not a popular course it is likewise important that the community is educated on the important role that the media take in shaping the country’s future.

As an advice, David-Cancio encouraged the millennials not to be self-absorbed.

“According to study kasi, millennials are the selfie-generation, but remember that you are not the story, you are the storyteller. You do not tell stories about yourself but of the person you interview,” she said.

David-Cancio  also recognizes the important role that community journalism plays and that “ang tunay na fulfillment is not in the money but your contribution to change,” said David-Cancio.

As an additional advice, David-Concio said that “mababago ang mundo kung may malasakit tayo sa iba at marunong magserbisyo sa kapwa.” (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Jan. 31, 2018)