dagupan-city-ictbpm-roadmap-creating-the-next-wave-of-progress-final-for-printing_img_2Our hosting of the 1st Dagupan City ICT-BPM Conference with Industry Executives marks a new beginning, a new dedication within our city government, and a new spirit for our people.

Our advance into the Next Wave Cities this year has all the more firmed up our resolve to mobilize Dagupan’s broad base of stakeholders to showcase our city as the next frontier in terms of investment destinations among domestic and global ICT firms that have made the Philippines their ASEAN hub.

More than our geographical accessibility from Manila as a clear advantage, Dagupan presents one of the significant and immediate next catchment area for talent resource for the IT-BPM industry.

Going beyond call centers, we are a rich resource of technical talent, rich with graduates and technopreneurs in software development, animation, game development and other IT and KPO outsourcing potentials.

We are pulling out all stops to make history happen as we are poised to pursue and sustain our trajectory and long-term aim to be one of the global services outsourcing destination of choice.

We are opening our doors to everyone who envisions a limitless growth with Dagupan City because our people has no limits in its capacity for imagination, creativity and wonder.


(Sgd.) Honorable Mayor Belen Fernandez
City Mayor
Dagupan City