In support of the National Lung Month, the city government, through the City Health Office launched on August 21 its Ubo Patrol in Barangay Malued.  Mayor Belen T. Fernandez (2nd from left),  along with doctors and staff of the City Health Office headed by Dr. Ophelia T. Rivera launched the project in partnership with the Philippine Tuberculosis Society headed by Dr. Jennifer Wii. Children and adults were given free medical check-up, free x-ray and free medicines to prevent pneumonia and tuberculosis. (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)


DAGUPAN CITY – In bringing the services of the government to the doorstep of the people, the city government launched “Ubo Patrol” in Barangay Malued on August 21 to ensure free medical check-ups, free x-rays and free medicines to children and adults especially for those with lung ailments or respiratory diseases.

Ubo Patrol is a project of the City Health Office in partnership with the Philippine Tuberculosis Society. Its launching coincided with national government’s National Lung Month on the   theme “TB Free Philippines, Continuing Challenge from Childhood to Adulthood”.

With its theme “Healthy Lungs, Healthy Community”, Ubo Patrol aims to prevent and provide early treatments to pneumonia, other lung and respiratory diseases including tuberculosis in the 31 villages of the city for free.

Dr. Rivera said that the city’s Ubo Patrollers, who include nurses and health volunteers, will go to the barangays to identify and detect TB cases for early diagnosis and prompt treatment; intensify case detection among identified vulnerable groups like children, urban poor, inmates and with HIV/DM; and offer readily available TB diagnostic services to people with presumptive TB through the deployment of mobile chest x-ray.

Mayor Fernandez is encouraging everyone to have themselves checked by the Ubo Patrollers and avail of the free x-ray and free medicines.

She also sought the help of the villagers to disclose patients who have been coughing severely for over a month or more as they might be already suffering from tuberculosis, which is one of the top ten causes of deaths worldwide.

For this purpose, the CHO will also operate a text hotline channel for people with productive cough of at least two weeks to contact so that he or she can be attended to by any health care provider.

Tuberculosis is curable and preventable. It is treated with a standard six months course of four antimicrobial drugs supported by information, supervision and support to the patient by a health worker or trained volunteer.

“It is important though that the patient has to complete the treatment and comply with treatment protocols and avoid the complications of not completing the treatment,” said Rivera.

Taking care of one’s lung is just one of the city’s concerns under the Alagang Balon Dagupan.

“Soon we will be opening our diagnostic center and lying-in clinic at the City Health Office to serve our people especially the indigents,” said Fernandez.

The Balon Dagupan Maternal Clinic and Diagnostic Center is a health facility funded jointly by the Department of Health and the city government. Once completed, the facility will provide free x-ray, ultra-sound, ECG and free natal delivery to the city’s indigents. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/August 22, 2017)