DAGUPAN CITY – All the 31 barangays had been clustered anew into five groups for the right to compete in the 2018 Bangus Festival Gilon-Gilon ed Baley on April 20.

In the last Bangus Festival, there were about seven clustered groups who competed in the Gilon-Gilon with the eastern barangays clinching the championship trophy and the right to represent the city in the Festivals of the North.

For this year, the five clustered groups are Cluster 1 composed of Barangays Mangin as the leader, Tebeng, Salisay, Mamalingling, Bolosan, Tambac and Bonuan Binloc.

Cluster 2 is Barangays II and III as the leader, Barangay 1, Tapuac, Barangay IV, Poblacion Oeste and Bonuan Gueset.

Cluster 3 is Barangays Pugaro as the leader, Calmay, Carael, Pantal, Lomboy, Bonuan Boquig and Salapingao.

Cluster 4 is Carangalaan as the leader, Herrero-Perez, Bacayao Sur, Mayombo and Bacayao Norte.

Cluster 5 is Pogo Grande as the leader, Malued, Pogo Chico, Lasip Chico, Lasip Grande and Lucao.

Prizes at stake are P200,000 for the champion; P100,000 for the first runner-up; P80,000 for the second runner-up; P30,000 for the third runner-up and P30,000 for the fourth runner-up.

Special awards will be awarded to the best in costume with a cash prize of P20,000 and the best in musicality will receive P20,000. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/March 27, 2018)