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Dagupan Bangus

Did you enjoy the milkfish that you just had for dinner?

Then it must be from the “Bangus Capital of the World”, Dagupan!

We are a major financial and commercial center located at the north of the Philippine archipelago, with a reputation for being a supplier of some of the best milkfish in the country.

Our milkfish industry is worth around $74,000, producing an estimated 16,000 tons of milkfish annually. Being a major supplier in the country, we conduct yearly livelihood seminars for local fishermen of the city. Thousands of jobs are generated through the bangus industry including bangus farmers, processors, and dealers. (For the list of accredited businesses, please check our directory section.)

Our city’s newly renovated deboning area at the Malimgas Public Market is now in business after it underwent upgrading to conform with the standards set by Republic Act 10611, otherwise known as the Food Safety Act. It is under the technical guidance and supervision of the City Agriculture Office. The new deboning area is more hygienic and equipped with smoking apparatus and blast sealing machine for making tinapang bangus. The blast sealing technology also maintains the freshness of the bangus while in transit, more so than in any other deboning facility in the city.

Now, you can be assured that the milkfish you have bought is from Dagupan. The Dagupan city government now certifies our milkfish to assure our buyers that the milkfish they buy is from Dagupan.

Join us every year as we hold our annual Bangus Festival!


Fish Processing Facility Services Offered

Bangus Deboning
Dagupan Bangus is well-known for its savory flavour thus labelled as the “World’s Tastiest Milkfish”. Aside from the most popular method of Bangus preparation of grilling fresh Dagupan Bangus, many would recognize Dagupan Bangus as the deboned milkfish sold in markets around the world. Bangus Deboning is a process involving the splitting of milkfish in half and the removal of about 200 spines scattered throughout the Dagupan Bangus’ flesh making Dagupan Bangus more sumptuous and more enjoyable to eat!

The Dagupan Fish Processing Facility offers Bangus Deboning services at very affordable rates. This very unique service is rendered by about 25 well-trained “deboners”. You may ask your “deboner” to marinate your deboned Dagupan Bangus for a minimal charge too.

Bangus Smoking
After having your Dagupan Bangus “deboned”, it is becoming popular to have it “smoked”. Smoking is the process of adding flavour to your already sumptuous Dagupan Bangus by exposing it to smoke from wood shavings. This process is actually a preservation technique that prolongs the shelf life of your favourite, Dagupan Bangus.

The Dagupan Fish Processing Facility is one of the few government-operated facilities in the country that offers “smoking” services. Have your Dagupan Bangus “deboned” and “smoked” within a few hours.

Vacuum Sealing
Taking your Deboned Dagupan Bangus elsewhere? Have it vacuum-packed in the Dagupan City Fish Processing Facility at a reasonable price. Vacuum –packing is an effective way of packaging your milkfish to prolong its shelf life and prevent spoilage longer.The Facility offers this service not only to Dagupan Bangus products but to other fish products as well. Just bring your goods and we’ll do the rest for you!

Need to take your Dagupan Bangus on a long trip? Have it frozen at the Dagupan Fish Processing Facility overnight at very low rates.

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