DAGUPAN CITY – Dagupeños and visitors flocked to the CSI Atrium to avail the genealogical services offered at a Family History exhibit conducted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at CSI Atrium on April 24.

The exhibit, which featured various family memorabilia and stories, was formally opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, City Planning and Development Office (CDPO) chief Engr. Josephine Corpuz, City Civil Registry OIC Froilan Fermin, ‘Family Search’ Area Manager Brother Felvir Ordinario and members of the LDS Church.

At the same time, those interested in tracing their family history and lineages were assisted by volunteers into registering into the ‘FamilySearch.org’ website, one of the most heavily used genealogy sites available on the Internet.

The website provides a network of resources which allows any registrant to research and trace their family histories just by inputting their own family trees.

This was made possible through the billions of genealogical records collected from all over the world since the LDS Church started the initiative over 200 years ago.

“We use these records to help people trace their histories. We are showcasing our available resources here in Dagupan City now so that people are able to determine their ancestors and to connect their past to their presents and futures. This is a free service offered by the Church to everyone,” said Family Search’ Area Manager Brother Felvir Ordinario.

He added that all data collected are kept safe and confidential as the website complies with the data privacy laws in every country, with only limited information shown to other users.

Gregorio Karganilla, Priesthood Advisor of the Pangasinan Public Affairs Coordinating Council, was able to trace his ancestors up to the ninth generation in the 1770s just by using the website.

 “It’s great to know your ancestors. It makes you feel more connected to them in a way because you get to have an idea about who they were during their lifetime,” added Karganilla.

Meanwhile, Mayor  Fernandez thanked the church for bringing their services to the city and for providing an opportunity for Dagupeños to discover more about their family histories.

Mayor Fernandez also added that the CPDO chief Engr. Josephine Corpuz and Civil Registry OIC Froilan Fermin would be participating in the exhibit to learn more about the Church’s best practices in records and documentation.

“This is a rare family experience as we get to discover where we came from. I hope every Dagupeño family could come and visit this exhibit,” added Fernandez.

The Family History Exhibit and ‘FamilySearch.org’ assistance will be open to the public from April 24 to 27. (Verdelle De Vera/CIO)