DAGUPAN CITY – Authentic Dagupan products can now be availed of again at the city’s product center, following its blessing and reopening on July 20, with Mayor Belen T. Fernandez leading the ceremony.

The center will now be operating under the auspices of the Produktong Dagupeno Marketing Cooperative, with the organization producing and displaying their own local and unique products to be made available in the center.

The cooperative is also welcoming other local backyard producers in Dagupan to showcase their own products in the center.

The center, which offers a wide assortment of products for both local and foreign consumers, features the world-class Dagupan-certified milkfish in various forms. These include deboned boneless bangus, tinapang bangus, rellenong bangus and bangus in corn oil, among others.

The product center is not limited to the city’s worldclass products as it also offers other unique Dagupan delicacies and items and memorabilia such as handcrafted items, backpacks, umbrellas and shirts.

The new cooperative product center can now be visited by every Monday to Saturday. (Verdelle De Vera/CIO)