DAGUPAN CITY – There was no shooting incident that supposedly killed seven persons on January 2 at the Paseo de Belen along the Judge Jose de Venecia Sr. Expressway.


This was clarified by Dagupan City Police Station (DCPS) Chief Police Superintendent Neil O. MIro to bely a social media post on Facebook that stated a shooting incident transpired at Paseo de Belen where seven persons were allegedly killed.


This is not true, said Miro, calling this false information a product of a sick mind and whoever is spreading this is “crazy” and “lacking in education”.


Unfortunately, the post by a still unidentified person or persons went viral, causing fear in the spine to the peace-loving people in the city


Miro admitted though that a suspected improvised explosive device (IED) was spotted at the nativity scene of Barangay Tebeng on Monday night, prompting the police to set up a blockade on both ends of the De Venecia Expressway, a standard operating procedure in such a situation.


This incident was again spread in the social media in an obvious move to cause panic to the people although at that time, the police have yet to verify if this was really an IED.


“The Paseo de Belen as well as the adjacent carnival site are .being flocked nightly by hundreds if not thousands of people whose lives may be put at risk should there be an IED in the area,” he said.


Actually, prior to this, a fire gutted the “belen” entry of Barangay Mamalingling.


Upon hearing this, Punong Barangay Helen Fermill of Barangay Tebeng  rushed to the area to save her village’s  entry,  which is just on the left side of the burnt ‘belen’.


There, she noticed an unattended box in their “belen”.


She immediately called the attention of the DCPS, which Miro claimed was the proper thing to do in that kind of situation.


DCPS then summoned the PNP’s Arms Operation Division to detonate the suspected IED, which was successfully done in an isolated and contained area along the De Venecia Expressway.


But they found out that the suspected IED was not a bomb but rather just an empty box.


“Those who spread the rumor are no doubt have crazy mind and lack proper education,” said Miro as he vowed that they will go against those who created the alarming and false information. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Jan. 3, 2017)