DAGUPAN CITY – The Dagupan City Police Station belied reports of kidnapping incidents in the city especially among students and pupils in public schools.

In a radio interview, Police Senior Superintendent Jandale I. Sulit assured the public that no such incident took place in the city contrary to what has been circulated in the social media.

“We are keeping a serious watch on our schools in our city as requested by our city mayor and I can assure everyone that we are maintaining police visibility in these areas to secure our kids’ safety,” said Sulit.

While Sulit admits that the reported incidents in some areas are very alarming, he maintained that the city police has never been remiss in keeping with their mandate of protecting and keeping every citizen safe against any crimes.

“We are regularly conducting “Oplan Sita” in our city as initiated by our regional office. That is why you often see our police cars in the streets with blinkers and siren from time to time in line with the region’s “Project Ariwawa,” said Sulit.

The police are now verifying the details of reported suspicious vehicles, which have been reportedly plying the city streets with no plate numbers.

“We received information from Barangay Malued that allegedly there are vehicles identified as dark Altis and white hi-ace van both with no plate numbers, which have been causing fear in the area. We are now investigating this matter owing to the fact that we are strictly implementing in our city the ‘No Plate, No Travel policy,” said Sulit.

Sulit said that police patrollers have in their possession a laptop, which will help them identify suspicious individuals riding on vehicles with no plate.

It was circulated that two or three students in Bolosan have been allegedly  kidnapped and another one was almost kidnapped in front of the Medical Centrum when men armed with hand guns accosted from a vehicle and approached  a waiting student in front of the hospital.

Sulit, however, debunked the truthfulness of the incidents and assured everyone that “wala pong nangyaring pangingidnap ng bata sa buong Dagupan,” he said.

In case of emergency, anyone can always call BELEN 16911. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/March 16, 2018)