DAGUPAN CITY – Another Dagupeña who suffered physical maltreatment from the hands of her employers in Saudi Arabia has been repatriated with the help of the city government, through the Public Employment and Services Office (PESO).

Arlyn (family name withheld), a 28-year old resident of Barangay Pantal, was just seven months working as a housekeeper in Riyadh when she started experiencing maltreatment from her abusive employers.

The woman recalled some instances when her employer’s family caused her physical pain which resulted in bruises and scalding in parts of her body.

“I wasn’t expecting this at all because they treated me nicely at first. But they did so many things to me in the past months. It was really difficult having to experience that. I could not even eat properly for a month. I couldn’t fight back. All I could do was cry,” added Arlyn.

She said that prayers helped her during her most difficult times in Riyadh.

Arlyn also said that at one time, she was locked by her employers in her quarters, a situation which prompted her to seek help from her family and friends.

Arlyn’s friend, Beverly Bellocillo, relayed her sad fate in a post on Facebook last September, in the hope of bringing her case to the attention of netizens. Her post immediately went viral with the help of concerned citizens.

This prompted her mother to seek help from PESO Manager Jocelyn Siapno who exerted all efforts in making sure that Arlyn comes home safely.

With the timely intervention of the PESO through Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, the city government coordinated with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) that then worked for the repatriation of the distressed Dagupeña.

Arlyn was finally brought home on November 4 after weeks of coordination made by PESO with proper government agencies.

When she came face to face with Mayor Fernandez the day after, on November 5, the repatriated worker expressed her profuse thanks to the mayor and PESO Dagupan for helping her return to her family in Dagupan.

“I really thought I would not be able to go home. I’m very, very thankful to Mayor Fernandez, Ms. Joy Siapno and everyone who helped me in my case. I would not be able to come home without their help,” said Arlyn.

She also advised her fellow Dagupeños aspiring to work abroad to think thoroughly, saying: “Huwag padalus–dalus dahil sa totoo lang, napakahirap magtrabaho sa ibang bansa.”

Arlyn was the 78th Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) repatriated with the help of PESO Dagupan. Her case was the 134th resolved out of the 150 cases referred to the office. (Verdelle De Vera/CIO)