DAGUPAN CITY— “The Solar Ko, Linisan ko”  program was formally launched in Dagupan  on Monday (March 3) with all the 31- barangays in the city participating.

Led by Environment and Pollution Control Officer Reynaldo Esguerra, the citywide cleanliness campaign exhorts  all Dagupenos to be proactive in maintaining a clean environment not just in their respective barangays, but in the entire city.

With “Solar Ko, Linisan Ko” in full effect all over the city, barangay residents and officials swept their streets, cut and uprooted  grass that could potentially burn and ignite a grassfire, and segregated the wastes that  they collected from their respective barangays.

Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez personally visited several barangays such as Lucao, Malued, Pogo Chico, Pantal, Mamalingling, Bolosan and  Salisay, early Saturday morning to set an example for the residents by participating in the program’s activities.

The city’s youth also shared their active support and participation for the LGU’s cleanup initiative.

Malued Elementary School students assisting their teachers in cleaning their campus. (CIO photo by Arriz Fruelda)

Justin Jay M. Soquilla, a Boy Scout and Grade 6 student of Malued Elementary School, expressed hope that more students and children would participate in cleaning their schools and areas as it would also help nature and the environment, adding: “Ang paglilinis at ang mga skills na kailangan dito  ay maibibigay din natin sa mga future generations.”

The Dagupenos’ involvement in the program is the key in achieving the Mayor’s vision for a clean and safe city and the local government is reminding the people to do the right thing for the betterment of the city.

Corollary to this, Rogelio Cayabyab, a tanod from Barangay Mamalingling, said that working cohesively and as a family helped contribute to the peace and order in their community.

He also expressed his support to the cleanup drive, saying that cleaning their surroundings also helps prevent the people from contracting viral infections such as dengue, with mosquitoes thriving and breeding in stagnant and unclean environments.

Grass cutting and uprooting in Barangay Mamalingling (CIO photo by Arriz Fruelda)

Aside from the “Solar Ko, Linisan Ko” program,  misting operation was also conducted by the City Health Office and the repainting of the gutter along Galvan St. was undertaken  by the City Planning and Development Office.

Mayor Belen Fernandez assists the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) in repainting the gutter along Galvan St. (CIO photo by Arriz Fruelda)

In ensuring the cleanliness of the city, Dagupan LGU  recently acquired 10  new color-coded trucks that will help promote segregation in the city, with green for biodegradable wastes, blue for recyclable wastes, yellow for residual wastes and red for special or toxic wastes such as light bulbs and batteries.

 The LGU also organized several groups and organizations tasked to oversee the waste management in the city,  such as the Barangay Ecological Management Team, Basura Patrol and City Restoration Upkeep Enhancement (CRUE) Task Force.

The local government also partnered with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) to conduct a citywide grass cutting activity on March 5, to help lessen the risk and cases of grassfires in the city. (Marie Verdelle Jenica M. De Vera/CIO/Mar. 5, 2018)