DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez is considering the hiring of additional traffic enforcers who will help implement road and traffic discipline in the city.

“We need to hire additional traffic enforcers to guide the motorists and the pedestrians on getting used with our traffic lights, to prevent counter-flow and implement no parking on areas not designated under our City Ordinance as parking areas,” said Fernandez as she hopes to see a reduction on the city’s traffic problem by 30 to 50 percent next month.

Fernandez disclosed that in addition to the already functioning traffic lights, the city will soon install five more traffic lights under Phase II, to be located along the   Lucao De Venecia intersection and in the corners of Zamora Street near University of Luzon, in front of U-Pang Phinma, on Arellano and Rivera-Rizal Street.

“Right now I am happy to note that our motorists and our pedestrians are already adapted to our street lights but we still need to consider the volume of vehicles coming in and out of our city given the fact that car dealers are selling from 700 to 900 new vehicles monthly and this is in Pangasinan alone,” said Fernandez.

On the other hand, to inspire traffic enforcers and for them to get away from accepting bribe from erring motorists, Fernandez is considering  a possible  increase in their salaries or an additional allowance for them .

Lately, one traffic enforcer was caught accepting bribe and was immediately relieved from his duty and is now facing criminal and administrative charges.

“I want our traffic enforcers to wear their uniform with dignity and pride especially now that they are wearing a new uniform,” said Fernandez.

Ocampo is confident that with the additional traffic enforcers to be hired by the city, “there can be no doubt that we can achieve our goal of having a smooth flow of traffic in our city,” he said. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Jan. 12, 2017)