A LIFE-GIVING LEGACY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez (center), DOH Provincial representative Benjamin Castillo (right), City Health Officer Dr. Ophelia Rivera (left) and Liga ng mga Barangay President and Vice Mayor-elect Dean Bryan Kua (center, 2nd row), together with city councilors, formally open the Dagupan City Diagnostic Center and Lying-In Clinic beside the City Health Office. The center will provide free diagnostic services like ultrasound, X-rays and ECGs for all Dagupeños. It will also serve as a lying-in clinic that is open 24/7 for birthing mothers. (CIO photos by Jojo Tamayo)

DAGUPAN CITY – The city’s diagnostic center and lying-in clinic is now open to serve Dagupeños following its blessing and inauguration on May 16.

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, Liga ng mga Barangay President and Vice Mayor-elect Dean Bryan Kua and Dr. Ophelia T. Rivera led the ribbon-cutting ceremony that formally opened the center located beside the City Health Office in Barangay Hererro-Perez.

The new center, funded by both the city government and the Department of Health, will be offering free diagnostic services such as Ultrasound, X-rays and electrocardiograms (ECGs) to all Dagupeños.

It will also serve as a lying-in clinic that is open 24/7 for birthing mothers. The clinic can cater from eight to nine birthing mothers who can stay in the center from 24 to 48 hours post-delivery.

The two-storey building features multiple rooms including separate areas for diagnostic services, a laboratory, an animal bite treat area, labor and birthing rooms, examination room and two wards.

Mayor Fernandez disclosed that the need for the center was determined after recognizing that diagnostic services and birthing care are some of the most requested services of Dagupeños.

“Ito yung araw-araw na inilalapit ng mga tao sa atin. And our vision is to provide the health services that our people need. That’s why we want to thank the DOH for working with us for this project,” said Fernandez.

Dr. Ophelia Rivera disclosed that the city will be partnering with numerous health professionals such as radiologists, gynecologists and obstetricians in providing the needed services to Dagupeños.

“We’re very lucky here in Dagupan, because through the leadership of Mayor Belen, these health professionals will be helping us in our diagnostic center,” said Dr. Rivera.

She added that the Rotary Club of Dagupan will be donating hearing equipment for newborns to the center. A donation to be given by the Rotary Club International, a $35,000-worth of equipment, will be able to detect hearing problems of newborns, which will allow early diagnosis at an early age.

In the same occasion, the city also released ‘green cards’ to some 200 indigents and pregnant mothers in the city. The green health cards will entitle each owner to all services offered in the center and other services in the City Health Office, for free.

“We are targeting to give health cards to at least 20,000 Dagupeños. There will be no exemptions. Our vendors, our tricycle drivers and our indigents will all be receiving their own green cards. Aside from this, all of our employees, both regular and job-order, can also avail of free medical check-ups during their birthday,” added Fernandez.

Also present during the ceremonies were DOH Provincial representatives Benjamin Castillo and Amadeo Zarate, Councilors Dennis Canto, Maybelyn dela Cruz-Fernandez, Councilor-elect Michael Fernandez, Rev. Fr. Fernan Estrada, Herrero-Perez chairwoman Salvacion T. Bravo, Herrero-Perez Senior Citizens President Leonor Galla.

“We want to thank Mayor Belen Fernandez for giving us these programs that will truly benefit our constituents. Makaka-asa po kayo na tutulong po tayo sa lahat ng naumpisahan ni Mayor Belen,” added Vice Mayor-elect Kua.

Meanwhile, Councilor Dennis Canto considers the diagnostic center and lying-in clinic as one of Mayor Fernandez’s greatest programs and will be one of her many legacies in the city. (Verdelle De Vera/CIO)