City to adopt ‘Rosal’ as Official Flower

DAGUPAN CITY – A flowering plant called ‘Rosal’ will soon be formally adopted as the city’s official flower.

A resolution authored by Councilor Jeslito ‘Jigs’ Seen, chairman of the Committee on Arts, Heritage and Literature of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP), is now scheduled for third and final reading following a committee hearing which endorsed the adoption of the same.


In the book “Symbols of the State Republic of the Philippines”, ‘Rosal’ was described as a distinctive white flower recognized as the official flower of Dagupan ever since even in the absence of an ordinance or a resolution recognizing the same.

In lieu of this, Dagupan City History Culture and Arts (DCHCA) chairman Dr. Gonzalo T. Duque called the attention of the city and urged the Sangguniang Panlungsod to pass a resolution or ordinance formally proclaiming ‘Rosal’ as the city’s official flower.

Aside from its pristine beauty, ‘Rosal’ has different uses beneficial to mankind.

A study shows that ‘Rosal’ is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cerulein, and antifungal. It contains crocin, amyloid beta peptide immunosuppressive, iridoids geniposide crocetin, genipin and geniposide and is good for diabetes, genipin antiangiogenic activity, pancreatitis protective activity, Alzheimer’s disease, acute pancreatitis, and vascular inflammatory inhibition.

As such, every residents of the city is encouraged to plant ‘Rosal’ in their backyard or in any other available places since this plant is not commonly grown in the city.

Likewise, the city government is encouraged to plant ‘Rosal’ in every entrance and exit of the city, at the city plaza, in all city parks and arcs of the city.

Duque also proposed that ‘Rosal’ be used during official functions of the city government as ornament especially when in-season.

He disclosed that ‘Rosal’ would enhance the foremost objective of DCHCA office in the preservation and promotion of the city’s rich cultural heritage. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/ Sept. 6, 2016)