DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez has invited the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to have another office in the new government center set to be built when its officials called on her on October 6 at the City Museum.

This will be in addition to the present BI office at the City Astrodome, which  is actually in line with her plans to have a foreign affairs office in Dagupan  that will help ensure the safety of  foreign students in the city and make them feel at home.

Alien Control Officer Gilbert D. Lopez, along with his staff at the Bureau of Immigration Office in the City Astrodome conveyed to Mayor Fernandez of the presence of many students enrolled in the different colleges and universities in the city.

Recently, the Ambassador of Thailand, Thanatip Upatising and his wife Monthip, visited the city to see how well the Thai students are doing in their studies and in their stay in Dagupan City.


Thanatip told Mayor Fernandez that the Thai students spoke well of the city’s well managed peace and order as he echoed their observation  that the city is clean as well as stress-free and a very convenient place for them to stay and study.

Fernandez similarly extended the invitation to other government agencies based in the city to also establish their own offices at the new government once it is up  (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Oct. 7, 2017)