DAGUPAN CITY – The city is sending at least 750 indigent students to the different universities and colleges here beginning this school year.


Last school year, 129 of the city’s scholars graduated from different universities and colleges in the city, each earning a degree of his/her choice.


These scholars are now being assisted by the Public Employment and Services Office so that they can find jobs.


“We are not just helping them earn a degree in college, but we would like to also assure that they find employment once they graduate so they can help the other members of their family,” said Mayor Belen T. Fernandez.


Mayor Fernandez has allotted P15 million pesos to finance the scholarship of the students. Each will be receiving financial assistance of P10,000.00 per semester until they graduate.


The scholars who graduated thanked Mayor Belen during the presentation of the scholars at CSI Stadia on June 1.


The scholarship program of the city is being facilitated by the City Social Welfare and Development Office under Leah L. Aquino.