DAGUPAN CITY – In the spirit and intent of the physical decentralization policy in the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and in its Revised Zoning Ordinance, the city announces its invitation to all landowners to donate a parcel of land in the Lucao-Pantal area for the erection of a new government center pending acceptance of the donation proposed by spouses Kerwin and Mary Ann Fernandez.

As contained in Resolution No. 7322-2017, possible donors are given three weeks for them to offer to donate their lands within the Pantal-Lucao road with an area sufficient to accommodate the proposed new government center.

The new CLUP and Revised Zoning Ordinance, which were both approved in their final form by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board on May 3, identifies Lucao-Pantal area as the site for a new government center.

Spouses Kerwin and Mary Ann, who own a parcel of land in the area, offered and donated their property to the city to be developed as the new government center, but Mayor Belen T. Fernandez has suspended in abeyance the signing of the Deed of Acceptance of Donation on the property offered by the spouses to allow all parties – landowners in Pantal-Lucao area to donate property for the construction of a new government center.

The donation has not yet been consummated pending certain requirements.

Councilor Jose Netu M. Tamayo disclosed that the necessity to give any and all landowners who would signify their intention to donate parcel of lands for the erection of the new government center is an act of sincere gesture of altruism, and such notice authorized by the council will be made available to all landowners in the Pantal-Lucao area. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/July 20, 2017)