Issuance of Tricycle Operator’s Permit

Who must avail of the service?

Citizens who plan to operate a tricycle business in the city.

Processing Time:
The transaction can be completed in one (1) day.


  1. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  2. Barangay Clearance
  3. Police Clearance
  4. Municipal Trial Court Clearance
  5. Prosecutor’s Clearance
  6. Original Voter’s Certification
  7. Certificate of Registration (Photocopy)
  8. Official Receipt of MVVR (Photocopy) Legalization (Photocopy
  9. Previous Mayors Permit
  10. Official Receipt for Mayor’s Permit
  11. Driver’s License (Photocopy)
  12. 2x2Operator’s Picture

How to avail of the services




Secure City Engineering Endorsement Form at Counter 1

Ms. Arlene Cabison
Ms. Edna Dacasin

1 minute

Proceed to the City Engineer’s Office for inspection of motorized tricycle.

Engr. Virginia Rosario

5 minutes

Submit requirements at the OSBC for verification

Ms. Edna Dacasin

5 minutes

Secure permit

Ms. Edna Dacasin

Same day