Children’s Summit on journalism winners awarded

DAGUPAN CITY – After three days of lectures, competitions, and interaction, the 2018 Children’s Summit ended on Wednesday, January 31 at CSI Stadia, where winners in different journalism competitions were awarded prizes.

The event, graced by several personalities in the local and national media industry, was participated in by some  20,000 pupils and students  from  public and private schools from January 29 to 31.

The summit concluded with a program where Department of Education (DepEd) Regional Director Alma Ruby C. Torio shared in a speech the importance of education and learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

The last day of the summit awarded prizes to the winners in 10 main journalistic events: News writing, editorial writing, feature writing, science writing, editorial cartooning, copyreading and headline writing, scriptwriting and radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, photojournalism, and sports writing.

Each competition had three winners, who received medals, certificates, and gift certificates. The winners from first to third are:

News writing English elementary level, Tahnia Janine A. Guarin of Mother Goose Special Schools System, Inc (MGSSSI), Claire Maye C. De Leon of St. Albert the Great School (SAGS), and Melaman F. Duran of Caralanglaan Elementary School;  Filipino elementary, Jeila B. Ubando of MGSSSI, Peter Jan N. Santos of West Central Elementary School, and Remedios P. Eugenio III of Lucao Elementary School;  English secondary, Kayrelle Zea E. Domingo of St. John’s Cathedral School (SJCS), Librado P. Austria, Jr. of Salapingao National High School (SNHS), and Maureen Andrea M. Diola of SAGS; Filipino secondary, Ericka B. Retotar of Dagupan City National High School (DCNHS), Allysa Raina M. De Leon of Dominican School, and Christine Erika B. Celeste of SAGS;

Editorial writing English elementary level, Frederich Carl S. Cuna of Divine Word Academy of Dagupan (DWAD), Kurt Nathaniel B. Canto of MGSSSI, and Merka Ella Andrey M. Ang of Pangasinan Universal Institute (PUI) Filipino elementary, Mark Ezekiel G. Velasco of West Central ES, Aingello Felix F. Ico of MGSSSI, and Kimberly Nicole E. Tambaoan of DWAD; English secondary, John Kenneth D. Capua of SNHS, Francine Beatriz DC. Pradez of DCNHS, and Shelamita C. Velasco of University of Pangasinan (UPang); and Filipino secondary Melanie F. Sanchez of DCNHS, Ira Laurenine D. Martine of MGSSSI, and Agnes Nicole C. Dela Pena of DWAD;

Feature writing English elementary level, Raphael Uno J. Aromin of MGSSSI, Ian Rillera of PUI, and Dafnie Pia S. Nazal of Wonderland School of Dagupan, Inc.; for Filipino elementary, Aja Bernadette Zi Cua of SAGS, Ma. Theresa Joyce F. Nunez of PUI, and Sabina G. Santillan of Bonuan Boquig Elementary School;  English secondary, Jillian Kay Madison Fernandez of PUI, Tabitha V. Jimenez of La Marea Academy, and Gilian Aimee V. Sision of MGSSSI; and for Filipino secondary, Mary Nicole P. Torio of PUI, Bea Janine M. Daroya of DCNHS, and Alliah Ishe A. Tumbaga of Wonderland School;

Science writing English elementary level, Giliane Dominique G. Ong of PUI, Hannay Y. Ramos of MGSSSI, and Arabella D. Azores of DWAD; for Filipino elementary, Maria Sophia Dela Torre of MGSSSI, Rachelle Dela Rosa of Sabangan Elementary School, and Ashley Aerielle De Loyola of SAGS;  English secondary, Veronica Monique Maynigo of University of Luzon (UL), Jenard T. Soriano of SJCS, Jaden Gabrielle Vallangca of Dominican School; and for Filipino secondary, Melvin G. Cayabyab of Judge Jose De Venecia Sr. Technical-Vocational Secondary School (JJDVSTVSS), Cherry Lyn R. Quia of UL, and Nadine Margaret S. Alejo of SAGS;

Editorial cartooning Filipino elementary level, Raecy F. Ricanor of Caranglaan ES, Brynt H. Vinoya of FNCIS, and Christian Joshua of Carael Elementary School;  English elementary, Manuel Theodore A. Marzan of Wonderland School, Juliennea Nhaleen V. David of SAGS, and Terry Austin A. Tandoc of MGSSSI;  Filipino secondary, Marion Mae R. Aquino of SAGS, John Normal C. Rodriguez of UL, and Althea Lei Jewel L. De Leon of DCNHS; and  English secondary, Yobelle T. Escano of Dominican School, Arabella Doreen D. Ferido of DCNHS, and Edward S. Gabrillo of SJCS;

Copyreading and headline writing English elementary level, John Michael A. Saingan of Pantal Elementary School, Greg Ryan G. So of East Central Integrated School (ECIS), and Sean Carlo Sebastian Q. Cuison of MGSSSI;  English secondary, Izzabel S. Casallo of MGSSSI, Aaliyah Kyla A. Solomon of DCNHS, and Louie Alecx A. Estrada of SAGS; and for Filipino secondary, Jhay Anne F. Bautista of SNHS, Hannah Shamae T. Prado of MGSSSI, and Joannie D. Naraga of DCNHS;

Photojournalism Filipino elementary level, Angel Janet C. Ped of Bonuan Boquig Elementary School, Airih Joy D. Idos of Bacayao Sur Elementary School, and Jillian Valerie V. Estrada of Pugaro Integrated School; for English elementary, Sashie Gaile V. Vinluan of Bacayao Sur ES, Raiza Mae C. Munoz of Bonuan Boquig ES, and Raine Laury A. Bautista of Lucao Elementary School; for English secondary, Francis Gabriel Petrola of DCNHS, Kristin Nicole Ramos of Lyceum Northwestern University (LNU), and Luigi Romero of Saint Michael School by the Sea (SMSBS); and  Filipino secondary, Charles John A. Alejandro of UPang, Adley Shane Camajen of ECIS, and Caira Mae Pascua of DCNHS; and

Sports writing Filipino elementary, Angelica Marie Q. Llamas of Malued Elementary School, Clyde Mark Clarence Bulatao of SJCS, Felix Gerald B. Astadan of West Central ES; for English elementary, Francisco S. Angeles, Jr. of MGSSSI, Carl Jhet Santos of West Central ES, and Sheena Mae Benavides of DWAD;  English secondary, Charlene Camille Cardona of MGSSSI, James Symon Llamas of LNU, and Jan Izaak Favi of DCNHS; and r Filipino secondary, Allaine Vea Paragas of SAGS, Sophia Viviane Datu of DCNHS, and Christopher Mendoza of JJDVSTVSS.

Meanwhile, the winners in the  group competitions are: Script writing and radio broadcasting Filipino elementary level, Pogo Lasip Elementary School; English elementary, La Marea Academy, and West Central ES; Filipino secondary, DCNHS, MGSSSI, and LNU; and for English secondary, La Marea Academy, DCNHS, and MGSSSI; and

 TV broadcasting Filipino secondary level, DCNHS, MGSSSI, and UPang; and r English secondary, MGSSSI, DCNHS, and SCJS.

The third journalism summit was organized by the city government. The first and second summits focused on training students in health and in music, respectively. (Zarena Amado/CIO)