DAGUPAN CITY—The future and history of Dagupan are welded together as one during the celebration of Dagupan’s Platinum year, an event ushered in by the cries of 14 babies.

The city not only celebrates the glory of its past, but also its greatness as underlined by the birth of several “platinum” babies. These children, born on the same day that Dagupan was established 70 years ago, will symbolize the continuing progress of the city; from their forefathers who have built the groundwork of this city, to their parents who have seen what the city is now and have made this place the home of their children.

Now, these platinum children will mark the future of Dagupan. As they grow up to be responsible citizens of Dagupan, they will see the sacrifices made by many come into fruition as they, too, come to contribute to the greatness of this city.

The first platinum baby drew the first breath at 12:20 a.m. while the last one was welcomed into the world at 10:50 p.m. on June 20, 2017. To mark the historic moment, Mayor Belen Fernandez personally visited the hospitals to award certificates to the lucky mothers of these children. (Marie Verdelle Jenica M. De Vera/CIO/Jan. 5, 2018)